Sunday, May 3, 2009

Natasha Richardson

Noted British Actress from a well known thearatrical family died in a bizzare ski accident on March 19, 2009 near Montreal, Quebec. The chart with Virgo Ascendant has many positive qualities which should have provided protection but let's see the astrological combinations which contributed to the accident and the timing.

Key features of the chart
  • The trines are very strong in the chart with Ascendant Virgo in 9th house, albeit retrograde. Saturn is in own sign of Capricorn in 5th house and 9th lord Venus is exalted in 7th house along with great benefic Jupiter in own sign of Pisces. Clearly she was very popular and well known in society and the exalted Venus pushed her into acting work.
  • Jupiter in 7th house in Pisces has full aspect on Ascendant giving protection but Jupiter is afflicted by both Rahu and Saturn in the chart by graha dristi which weakens it a bit so the longevity promise of Hamsa Mahapurusha Yoga is reduced.
  • Jupiter and Venus are also placed 3rd to Arudha Lagna (AL) which plays a role in the physical appearance of death. Pisces is a watery sign and Jupiter is North East direction and Venus is playful activities - She died during an while taking a ski lesson in Canada.
  • The Moon and Mars exchange in the chart is inauspisicous and makes the classic "rudra yoga" which can lead to violent accidents particularly during relevant dashas
  • The Saturn-Ketu combination in the 5th house and the Mars-Rahu combination in the 11th house is inauspicious and forms a "preta-yoga" and "pishacha yoga" respectively which can lead to bizzare accidents in relevant dashas as well


Accident occured in Mars-Jupiter-Moon dasha. Mars is the 8th lord in the chart and rules over Aries (head) placed in 11th house which is the 6th from the 6th or "hara sthana" and can indicate accidents. Mars also has the Arudha of the 8th house and hence that planet along with Rahu is quite dangerous for the native and shows potential for end of life via loss of blood of violent accident. Jupiter is maraka or killer in the chart and Moon and Mars are invovled in the "rudra yoga" which can be death inflicting. In the Navamsha chart Mars is placed 8th to Rahu which is a dangerous period for the native as well.

Since Venus and Jupiter are placed 3rd to AL the appearance of her death was not very violent as she had what seemed to be a minor fall from a small ski hill and she was feeling quite alright after hitting her head and later on she went into a coma and passed away with her family around her.

Natasha Richardson did a lot of charity work during her life and raised millions of dollars for worthy causes and created a lot of positive karma for herself and for people around her. Since death occured in sub period of Jupiter and sub-sub period of Moon, as per vedic astrology principles the soul left for higher spiritual abode.

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